Parent Testimonials About Financial Aid

Many college-bound students are unaware of the scholarship and financial aid possibilities that are available. A private college should not be ignored simply due to its “price tag”. Total costs are certainly an important consideration, but apply to the schools of your choice, both public and private, and allow them the opportunity to show what they can do for you. You may be surprised as to how “affordable” a Virginia private college can be. 

Jennifer A. 

We have three children, ages 29, 21, and 19. My oldest was fortunate to find a company who paid for his two year degree and employed him when he finished the program. With our two youngest being so close in age, my husband and I truly were not sure of how we would afford college, but we knew we wanted them to have the opportunity to go if they chose that path. In looking at colleges, my daughter, who at the time had just been diagnosed with a severe chronic illness, did not want to be too far from home. And truthfully, we agreed.

She had toured Randolph-Macon and in looking at the initial price tag we had sticker shock. But sticker shock does not always mean that the price tag that is on it, is what you get it for. I attended scholarship seminars, financial aid sessions, and used numerous other resources to figure out how to cover this expense without working until we were physically unable to work anymore to pay for their education. I scheduled an appointment with the GRASP counselor at her high school and after we went through all the confusing aspects of college expenses, in reality Randolph-Macon was the clear choice. When we  broke down the cost, it was essentially the same as a state-funded school. In addition, once we received our financial aid package from the college, they were also able to help us obtain additional funding given the extreme medical expenses we were incurring.  

I now have two children at Randolph-Macon and even with both there, on a true financial aid package the cost would be extremely close to that of a public college.

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