Studying the liberal arts and sciences will prepare you like nothing else.

For Graduate Studies

Undergraduate studies at private colleges prepare students for the most challenging graduate programs in law, medicine, business, and other fields. Graduating from a Virginia private college will impact your entire career, and can lead to future advancement and a greater degree of professional satisfaction.

For A Career

Work experiences, such as internships, greatly strengthen a young candidate’s credentials and sometimes are a gateway to employment. More private college alumni report having had internships than graduates of any other type of institution. Private college graduates are often the best among the best.

For A Lifetime

Private college graduates have a much stronger affinity for their alma maters than graduates of most public institutions. They’re often highly engaged in a close-knit community of alumni, and share camaraderie with fellow private college grads. The tradition of close bonds, a strong alumni network and ongoing academic mentors is an important and ongoing asset of their education.